Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where to begin...

I'll get into who I am and why I am writing this later. Right now I need to vent.

Does anyone in this game actually know play the game?
If I have to hear someone whine, cry, say how "hard" this game is, apologize for their actions, say "meow, meow", give the face, or talk about honesty and integrity one more time I am going to shoot myself. Ok, maybe I wont take it that far, but I'll definitely have to have a drink. (Note to self: Big Brother Drinking Game..hmm I think I may be on to something here).

Yesterday's "house meeting" is what did me in. It's was just about as useless as those town hall meetings, however maybe slightly more entertaining.

Before I get into what is actually going on in this house, I first want to go through why each of the "characters" are in the house, because this heavily influences the game... both their own reasons, and big brothers reason.

It's All about the Benjamins Baby!
Lane - His Reason: 100% Money
- BB Reason: The Muscle & The Southern Stereotype
Matt - His Reason: 100% Money
- BB Reason: The Brains (Ok, Ill give Enzo that one) & The Punk
Kathy - Her Reason: 100% Money
- BB Reason: The Cancer Survivor & The Mom
Andrew - His reason: Money ... I would guess...who the fuck knows...he just doesn't belong
- BB Reason: The Jew & The Quirky Dude

Swingers (Ill take what I can get)
Brendon - 1) 60% Money and 2) 40 % Exposure
- BB Reason: The Sensitive Nice Guy & The Hot Teacher
Enzo - His Reason: 1) 60 % Money and 2) 40% Exposure
- BB Reason: The Meow Meow aka, The Crazy Guy & The Guy with the Cool Accent
Hayden- His Reason: 1) 60% Money and 2)40% Exposure
- BB Reason: The Boy Next Door & The College Jock
Britney - Her Reason: 1) 60% Exposure and 2) 40% Money
- BB Reason: The Bitch & The Sorority Girl
Annie - Her Reason: 1) 60% Exposure and 2) 40% Money
- BB Reason: The Sabatour & The Bi

A Star on Hollywood Boulevard
Kristen - Her Reason: 80% Exposure (Modeling Acting Etc)
- BB Reason: The Girl Next Door
Ragen - His Reason: 80% Exposure (TV, Talk Show, etc)
- BB Reason: The Gay Guy - thats it.
Monet - Her Reason: 100% Exposure (Modeling Acting Etc)
- BB Reason: The Spoiled Brat & Affirmative Action
Rachael - Her Reason: 100% Exposure (Modeling Acting Adult Entertainment Etc)
- BB Reason: The Boobs & The Boobs

Before you say, "Well everyone is in it for the Money". Your right - IF you JUST look at the surface. Case and Piont - Rachael. Her strategy revolves 100% percent around getting noticed.
Think about it. It's the reason she wants Monet out (jealousy!!!) and the reason she is all over Brendon and held the house meeting (FACE TIME!!!) - Aka. the worst way to play the game.

A few quick observations.
You will notice they are evenly distributed between money and exposure. This is not on accident. BB planed this. My guess would be that the female 14th houseguest would have been a 60/40 exposure player and the odds are I am right. I don't feel like getting into the game dynamic as to why big brother does this, but it's pretty smart on their part.
Secondly you will notice that men tend to play towards Money and Women tend to play toward Exposure. - Question: What sex has the most wins in big brother? Right. Moving On.
Big Brothers Reasons tend to speak for themselves. I don't really need to go into get the stereotype.

Oh and just for the record, just because someone is in it just for the money, doesn't mean they have a good strategy (cough cough Matt...dumbass). Although he could talk himself out of it semi-well so there may be hope for him after all.

That's the beauty of this show, its all in the casting. If the players would stop to think about why everyone is in that house, and that everything anyone does and says in the house has reason and objective, and they can channel that into predicting how someone will handle a given situation before it happens they can easily win the game. Which is why I think I would win this game easily but thats neither here nor there. If I recall almost every single one of the cast members in there interviews said there strategy was something along the lines of - being flexible and adapting as the house changes.

Biggest fail you can make. Yes, of course there are moments in the house you have to "react" and "adapt". But if you play you entire game that way you are setting yourself up to fail. In order to win you have to play a "proactive" game. You have to control how the house changes, or at a minimum be able to predict how its going to change. The cast, thus far, (mostly because the Exposure motivated players are running this) is more concerned with how they are perceived. They spend more time thinking about how they are the best cast so far (give me a break), how they are making great television, and last season competitions. (WTF is up with Brendon reenacting Russel calling Matt Ronnie while screaming "You Got Got!" Seriously, dude? )

Ugh, I got off topic. Anyway right now I am utterly disgusted and the lack of game being played right now. Its too much of a headache to go through the past two weeks and explain why I am feeling this way, but I am sure there are many of you that are feeling the same way. So instead I will just start from here and now.

I think I have some strong insight into both the game and the players, from all perspectives - production, players, and audience. This will be a place for me to share my insight and opinions. Yes, I said opinions, so if you cant handle that you shouldn't read this anymore. However that doesn't mean if you have a different opinion you should leave. In fact I encourage you to stay and share. So if your interested in what I have to say, grab your beverage of choice and lets drink. Cause lets be honest, it may be the only way to stay sane.

- Big Brother Alcoholic

Disclaimer: This is my first blog. I am a below average writer. I will work hard to get better.


  1. right on! ill be reading this blog and enjoying every minute of it whether i agree or disagree!

  2. Love your opinions! I will be following your blog...we can all go to AA and Rehab after the season is over!!

  3. Enjoy your machinations of the cast. I will definitely be dropping in (and perhaps passing this blog on). Thank you!

  4. Funny stuff. I'll prolly be back. Cheers!

  5. It is like you have read my mind. I think BB11 was so dynamic this cast are trying to hard to mimic the drama without getting their hands dirty. Which of course is an epic fail in all ways. I call this the clone season.

    Brendan is desperate to be the hero Jeff and Rachel says she wants to be Janelle is clearly trying to clone Jordan. Note to Rachel easy on the eye glue it's clumping.

    Love your blog will be cracking open a corona shortly to get through this horrible season.